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“Never Mind The Goldfish, Do As You’re Told And Come On!”

Date: Assumed 1978

Never Mind The Goldfish Do As Youre Told And Come On - George Mainwaring – Rochdale Artist

George's Notes

The fountain court in Falinge Park was a very attractive place to be on a Sunday afternoon in summer, especially when you could stroll around listening to the strains of Zampa played by a first class band in the nearby originally shaped bandstand, or see the handiwork of Mr. Blagden’s staff in the ornamental gardens.

George Mainwaring

[Falinge Park was given to the town by Clement Royds (1785-1854) who was born into the family business, a woollen merchants. In 1827 he expanded his interests into banking by acquiring the Rochdale branch of the Halifax-based bank of John, William & Christopher Raws. It was briefly known as Royds, Smith & Co, but by late 1828 had become Clement Royds & Co. with him as senior partner in the bank.

The late 18th-century neoclassical Falinge Hall was built by local banker James Royds.

In 1902, the hall and surrounding 11 ha park was presented to the Corporation of Rochdale, together with £3,628, by local asbestos mill owner, Alderman Samuel Turner. This fund was for new landscaping and ornamental gardens, designed by Thomas Mawson. The park was opened to the public in 1906.

Samuel Turner died peacefully, aged 84, in 1924, as plutocrat Sir Samuel Turner, founder of Turner and Newall, opposer of factory improvement, denier and bringer of agonising death to thousands of his factory workers and others who had come into contact with asbestos.]

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