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Skimming On A Cert

Date: 1977

Skimming On A Cert - George Mainwaring – Rochdale Artist

George's Notes

At a certain time of the year, we used to hold a watching brief on the local newsagent’s shop for the issue of “Play-ups”.These were ½d packets of shield-shaped cards published by a firm in Yorkshire, about ten cards in a packet. Each bore a picture of a well-known football, rugby or cricket team. Prominently displayed in the newsagent’s window was a large sheet showing a dozen or so gilt-edged “play-ups”.The scheme was to collect an identical set and send them back to the distributor who would then send you a football, cricket bat or similar gift. What competition there was – including swapping to get a full set “on the sheet”.

Oh, that elusive Hunslett Carr! The “Play-ups” themselves were popularly used by boys in the game of “matching first letters” and “skimming on” – a refinement of which, known as “skimming on a cert”, is shown here.

George Mainwaring

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