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“Yes, You Could Be Right, There’s Several Theories As To How They Became Like This”

Date: 1977

Yes You Could Be Right Theres Several Theories As To How They Became Like This - George Mainwaring – Rochdale Artist

George's Notes

Good Friday ramble from Healey Wesleyan Sunday School, about the year 1920, to Blackstone Edge under the leadership of our teacher Mr. Joe Lindley we met and joined up with another party from Top of the Walk, Smallbridge, making for the “Roman Road”.

The section of the pavement on the Lancashire Slope of the hill, with its controversial grooved centre portion, provided a lively source of speculation and argument among the adults, which we listened to with great interest, and later argued about among ourselves.

This was ten years before the tremendous work organised by Mr. J. H. Price resulted in the clearing of the section from the summit to Rag Sapling Clough. This stimulated fresh controversy, and there seems likelihood that the argument is not over by a long way.

George Mainwaring

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