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“Gilbert And Sullivan Goes Down Well Doesn’t It”

Date: 1977

Gilbert and Sullivan Goes Down Well Doesnt It - George Mainwaring – Rochdale Artist

George's Notes

The unusually shaped bandstand in Falinge Park, set as it is among the trees, provides perfect acoustic conditions for a brass band concert. Fifty years ago [1978], the Sunday afternoon and evening concerts during the summer months were always assured of sizeable audiences, and if the day was warm and sunny the enclosure would likely be well filled.

In the years immediately after the Great War, there were great changes in fashions both for men and women: Eton cropped hair, cloche hats, short skirts and flesh-coloured silk stockings for the fair sex and plus fours, Oxford bags and semi-Oxfords for men. A picture comes to mind of two young bucks wearing plus fours, each with an adoring young partner, doing the EvaThree Step at a sixpenny hop in the Provident Hall. They were a riot.

George Mainwaring

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