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Jacks And Dobbers

Date: 1981

Jacks and Dobbers - George Mainwaring – Rochdale Artist

George's Notes

Another old English children’s game played only by girls on the pavement was “Five Stones”, known in Lancashire as “Jacks and Dobbers”, using four varied coloured cubes made of pottery and a small ball, also of pottery.

The Jack was thrown down and the Dobber was bounced. Whilst in the air the Jacks were then snatched up in various sequences, ones, twos, threes, fours, etc. Various refinements were “Knocks” and “Egg in a Basket.” The latter being to snatch up the Jacks with one hand and toss them into the other while the Dobber was still bouncing. The jacks were about the same size as OXO cubes and were always to be obtained at the local newsagent.

George Mainwaring

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